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Find a XCMG Canada dealer near you!



The XM505K milling machine is a kind of asphalt pavement maintenance machinery, which is mainly used for the maintenance of municipal roads and as the auxiliary machinery for the construction of large milling machine. It can be used for small-scale excavation and renovation of asphalt concrete pavements of highways, urbanroads, airports, freight yards, parking lots, etc. It can efficientlyremove road congestion, waves, mesh patterns, ruts, etc., roughen the cement pavement and mill the surface faulting. It is capable of milling along the road sides and manhole covers. If the machineis equipped with a hydraulic hammer, it can be used for breaking the pavement. It can be optionally fitted with wheels for rumblestrips to mill the rumble strips along the sides of roads.


  • Milling width: 210mm 
  • Milling depth: 15mm 
  • Space between tools: 60mm 

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