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XD140 dual drive dual vibration vibratory road roller features small amplitude, high frequency vibration, big exciting force as well as independent vibration of front and rear drum. It is mainly applicable to compaction work on asphalt top layer of newly built pavement and thinner stable soil pavement, and road maintenance work. With compact structure, high flexibility, small blind area, high operating comfort, it is an ideal compaction equipment for municipal maintenance and highway custody.

  • Operating Weight: 4300kg/9480lb
  • Compacting Width: 1380mm/54.33in
  • Power: 33.6kW/45Hb


  • Static hydraulic driving and vibration
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Folding ROPS
  • Mechanical shock absorbing seat
  • Seat belt and alarm switch
  • The multi-function driving handle
  • Combination instrument display, including the display speed, hour meter, fuel gauge, etc
  • LED lighting lamps and lanterns
  • Turning signal
  • Clearance lamp
  • Frequency selective
  • A 5-speed intermittent sprinkling water pressure
  • The 12 v power supply output
  • Automatic start up function
  • Manual and automatic control of vibration
  • Fault alarm
  • Reversing buzzer
  • Polyurethane type clay
  • Emergency brake switch
  • The toolkit
  • Steering articulated lock
  • Rotating lamp
  • Power master switch
  • Arm brace
  • Fuel oil level gauge
  • ROPS working lamp
  • Glass block
  • Water tank water level indicator
  • Steering cylinder bearing without maintenance
  • At the front and vibration can be controlled independently
  • Seat sliding device
  • Double joysticks


  • Trimming device – right
  • Anti-slip device
  • Open cab
  • Special paint

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