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Find a XCMG Canada dealer near you!



The XE950G uses an American engine that meets the Tier 4 emission standard that features power, low noise, low fuel consumption, and low emission. IT adopts hydraulic components and a dependable negative flow control system. The independent cooling system automatically controls the fan rotating speed according to oil temperature, reduces energy consumption, and lowers noises. The fan can also operate in reverse which can wipe dust from the cooler. The traveling mechanism on the XE950G reinforces the bearing capacity of the stringer H frame, caterpillar track, and track roller which increases chassis carrying capacity. It has a box-structured lightweight design made of solid forging which reduces welding stress and defects. Stress analysis and fatigue life test guarantee enough strength and rigidness for structural parts, allowing it to meet heavy-duty excavation and mining requirements. The electric control system combines a perfect matching of power and hydraulic systems making the engine highly efficient. The lubrication system is a progressive type of electric concentration system that has a precise lubrication interval. This injects an accurate amount of grease for all lubrication points, which not only avoids omission of lubrication points by human workers, but also mitigates intensity of labor. 

Bucket Capacity

212 ft3

Operation Weight

200,621 lb.

Output power

HP/rpm  600/2000

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