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The XCMG XGS85J boom lift has a lift capacity of 661 lbs and a working height of 91 feet. With a relatively low height and narrow profile, the XGS85J lift can fit into narrower spaces for improved convenience on a wide range of job sites. The XCMG XGS85J straight boom lift features a 4-wheel drive, so you can expect reliability and performance across all road conditions. The straight boom can reach heights of 91 feet, and the axle balance system improves stability across all working heights. The XCMG XGS85J comes with automatic levelling and platform load weight monitoring, so the operator can safely operate the lift with confidence. For troubleshooting and diagnosis of problems, the XGS85J includes integrated sensors and a fault alarm. This dynamic monitoring system provides an inside look at the internal systems of the XCMG XGS85J lift during operation.

Here are some product highlights:

  • Suitable for areas with relatively low height and narrow space
  • Four wheel drive with axle balance system; suitable for all road conditions
  • Engine integrated ECU for oil pressure, water temperature, speed and other sensors including fault diagnosis system
  • Automatic leveling, platform load weighing, dynamic monitoring, fault alarm and many other functions

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