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The XCMG XGA52ACJ Aerial Lift showcases an innovative “E” shaped articulated boom design, engineered to augment operational efficiency. Its compact structure allows for an impressively low turning radius of 4.7m, lending remarkable maneuverability to navigate through narrow spaces and execute complex tasks with ease.

Featuring a robust 48V, 420Ah battery, this aerial lift offers prolonged endurance to tackle long hours of operation. Its advanced two-wheel AC drive technology, coupled with a steering differential control system, remarkably diminishes tire wear and motor overload, ensuring a lasting performance.

The integration of AC pump control and proportional control technology equips users with a secure and stable operating experience. Its fully proportional control design enables precise and effective machine operation, accompanied by features like a tilt alarm for the lower frame, platform overload alarm, and emergency lowering capability for optimal safety.

Adhering to green principles, the XGA52ACJ Aerial Lift delivers zero emissions, low noise levels, and no-marking driving, making it ideal for indoor construction within clean environments. This machine not only combines efficiency and adaptability but also addresses environmental considerations, setting a new benchmark for aerial lifts.


  • Maximum working height: 59 ft 1 in
  • Maximum working range: 33 ft 2 in
  • Maximum load: 564 lbs (without limit), 771 lbs (with limit)

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